PLEASE NOTE- ALL OF THESE BOXES ARE FIRST AND FOREMOST, HISTORICAL COLLECTOR ITEMS and ARE BEING OFFERED FOR SALE AS COLLECTOR ITEMS FOR COLLECTORS.  If you are looking for modern target, hunting, plinking or military surplus Ammo, please refer to that section of the website, thanks. UPDATED: 12/31/2023

WWII Era Remington Model 1898 .30-40 Krag BLANK Boxes (Empty) $2 Each

Navy Arms Co. .32 Short Rim-Fire 24 Rounds $75

Military Contract Federal Cartridge Company Corp. NO.  00 BUCKSHOT XM 162 Sealed 10 Round Package dated January 1970 (Vietnam War Era for Trench and Riot Shotguns) $40

WWII German Military Issue 8mm Mauser in 15 Round Boxes $25 Per Box